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Piano For Dummies - Hal Leonard CorpPlay the piano today with an easy-to-use instruction set!

Piano For Dummies, 3rd Edition is aninvaluable resource for anyone seeking fundamental pianoinstruction. Whether you’re brand new to the piano or have been atit awhile, Piano For Dummieswill soon have you tickling theivories like a pro! This book contains all the information you needto start playing today, including clear instruction andsupplementary materials. Learn different musical styles, likeclassical, rock, blues, and country, and how to find the perfectteacher should you decide to expand your instruction.

With the widest tonal range of any instrument, the piano isversatile enough to produce melody and accompaniment at the sametime. This standout feature is also what makes mastering the pianosuch a complex affair. Piano For Dummies, 3rdEdition breaks it down into simple, easy-to-follow instruction,written in the characteristically accessible Dummies style.For the beginner, the book serves as a complete introductorycourse. For the more advanced player, it becomes a handy referenceto keep around for periodic refreshers. Topics include:

  • Finding the perfect keyboard, and caring for your piano
  • The intricacies of reading music, including notes, rhythm, andchange-ups
  • Melody, harmony, and the building blocks of sound
  • The role of individual technique, and finding your owngroove

The book also includes advice on practicing efficiently andimproving your performance, as well as tips on how to pursue moreadvanced experiences. A great piano player is always the life ofthe party, and in high demand. If you’re looking to become one withthe “88,” Piano For Dummies, 3rd Edition is theresource you want!

نام کتاب
 Piano For Dummies
 Adam Perlmutter
 John Wiley & Sons
تعداد صفحات
 384 صفحه
سال انتشار
 1118900057, 9781118900055
 6.22 مگابایت
رمز فایل
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نوع ویرایش
 مصور، ویرایش سوم

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